Silk Road Fund
Also known as Belt and Road Initiative
New Silk Road
汉字 丝路基金

Overview Edit

In Beijing, China, on December 29, 2014, China announced that it would contribute $40 billion US dollars to establish the "One Belt, One Road"/"New Silk Road" project. This investment initially coming from China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange(SAFE). When describing their project, the Chinese often refer to it as "mutually beneficial" for its members. The Silk Road Fund is meant to fund trade under the Silk Road Economic Belt and Maritime Silk Road Initiative. The Initiative anticipates the collaboration of domestic and foreign investors and businesses. The fund will be courteous of varying social norms among countries involved, the environment, and sustainability. The core values of the Silk Road Fund are "mission, innovation, professional excellence and mutual benefit" ( The Silk Road fund is a limited liability company (LLC). This means the owners are protected from personal liability. The total $40 billion capital amassed is made up of 4 shareholders, who include the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (65%), China Investment Corportation (15%), Export-Import Bank of China (15%), and China Development Bank (5%).

Collaboration Edit

The Silk Road Fund dedicated to working on the "One Belt, One Road" initiative which will require the collaboration of countries all over the world, as well as a large amount of banks throughout China. Many east Asian countries are also helping fund this project such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Xi Jinping believes these investments will greatly help the construction of this New Silk Road, and eventually lead to large economic growth in China and surrounding counties.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Edit

Logo Symbolism Edit

Above is a link for more information regarding the design of the Silk Road Fund's logo.

The upper wavy lines represent the desert, the lower wavy lines represent the ocean and together they represent the union of the belt and road initiatives. The entire logo resembles a Chinese coin signifying Chinese leadership. The logo's gold color is symbolic of warmth, wealth and prosperity ( ).

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