China's Influence in Europe.  China has created rail way through central asia, eastern europe, and western europe as trade routes.  

China’s Silk Road will affect Europe in 5 main areas of focus: Trade, shipbuilding, emerging areas of growth in the economy, influence of the Chinese Navy, and greater competition for international influence.


In 2016, only 2% of China to Europe trade was done by rail, and 64% was done over sea. With the new Silk Road, a large quantity of trade will be done by rail, allowing faster trade to be done. On average, for goods to be shipped from China to Europe by boat, it will take anywhere between 35 to 50 days, as opposed to 16 to 20 days if done by rail. An increase in trade by rail will result in faster shipping times, and more connectivity between the world.


China has secured a foothold in Europe with the Tenjin- London railway. This has resulted in the streamlined trade connections between China and England. With a new ally in Europe China can begin to assert their political influence throughout the continent. China has begun to support authoritarian regimes in Eastern Europe.

The resurgence of isolationism in the U.S. has left a void in trade an political stability that China can fill. The isolationism in policies of the U.S has allowed China to sneak in the back door so to say in political relations as they are investing in trade routes to Europe thus best serving the interests of Europe and China economically.